Clover POS Station Review

Clover Station is an uncommon cloud-based point of sale platform. On its own, this POS has only basic functionality, but when supplemented with apps from Clover’s App Marketplace, Clover Station becomes a powerful tool that enables you to manage employees and customers, track inventory, create and view reports, and monitor your revenue stream. The result is that Clover Station is adaptable to many different kinds of industries. Clover Station is best for restaurants-both quick service and full-service-and specialty retails stores. Clover Station is best for small to mid-sized businesses. I can assure you from my own personal observations, as well as general consensus from users, that Clover Station is easy to use and even easier to set up. As you can see from the image below, Clover Station’s design is intuitive and resembles a typical computer screen or smartphone device. Employees should be able to pick up everything they need to know about Clover Station after 15-20 minutes of basic training. The nice thing about a truly all-in-one POS solution, like Clover Station, is that all of the hardware works together naturally. These items can be purchased from the same place you buy your Clover Station. There are essentially no software requirements for Clover Station. Clover Station is so adaptable and can be customized with such a wide variety of apps, that it is difficult to discuss features in general. The features included in your Clover Station will be defined by the apps you choose and the functions you require. Interface: The Clover Station interface is fairly simple. The different roles you create will automatically come with different levels of access to the POS, so assigning roles to employees right off the bat “Enables admins to enable or disable permissions in bulk for their employees by segments.”Payment Options: On its own, Clover Station is capable of handling regular cash, check, credit, and debit transactions. If you want to be able to accept other forms of payment, like EMV, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and even Google Hands-Free in certain select areas, you’ll need to have a Clover Mini or Clover Mobile device. Inventory: Adding inventory in Clover Station is a bit more involved than I would like, and could be easier. Reports: The Clover Station app provides decent reporting tools, including a “By Payments” report which shows you a summary of completed transactions made during a specified time period. Customer Management: Clover Station gives you the ability to collect customer information at the time of sale. Clover Station’s App Market allows you to pick and choose the features and/or tools your business requires, such as coupon processing, virtual PIN pads, gift card management, employee management and advanced reporting.