Canadian Merchant Accounts

Selecting the best Canadian merchant account supplier for your company can be just as tricky as finding a credit card processor located in the United States. The Canadian government may place tighter restrictions on its credit card processors, but merchants still need to be careful to prevent hidden fee scams, deceptive rate quotes, and inadequate customer service. The good news is that there are some fantastic companies headquartered in Canada, and numerous American processors can likewise provide merchant services for Canadian merchants. With the feasible exception of greater customer service availability, there isn’t always a benefit to using a Canadian business over an American company. Providers in both countries utilize Visa and MasterCard’s processing networks, which are readily available across the globe.

To help you locate a high quality processor, we’ve put together the following list of the best merchant accounts for Canadian businesses. The companies on this list are capable of serving both Canadian and American businesses, but only some of them are headquartered in Canada. More importantly, they are all known to offer fair, transparent pricing and valuable customer support to merchants. Each provider has different specialties and merchant types that they are not able to service, so it’s best to speak to numerous providers on this list to compare pricing and solutions.